Are lagers the next big thing in American craft beer?

Are lagers the next big thing in American craft beer?

The Rising Tide of American Craft Lagers

This may be surprising to many people – I include myself in the surprised lot – but lagers are making a significant comeback in the American craft beer scene. You heard it right. It's not your typical IPA or sour. No. It's the crisp, clean-tasting lager that your old uncle sips on at the family barbecue. These are not your mainstream commercial lagers, though. They're sophisticated, full-flavored yet highly quaffable. My very own Amelia (that's my better-half for those who don't know) even declared, "Alistair, these are nothing like the lagers we're used to!" And she's right –in her charmingly pointed manner of speaking– they're not. They're totally unique.

Unraveling the Lager Conundrum

Lagers, traditionally, aren't the go-to drink when you think of craft beers. The stout ales, IPAs, and sour beers have long taken the spotlight in that arena. The light and exuberant pilsners, the copper-tinged delights of marzens – these haven't typically shared the stage. Yet, something's changing. The very nature of lagers–subtle, complex, unpredictable–are finding a new life tucked away in the corners of America's most innovative craft breweries.

The American love for complex craft ales began to wane a bit in recent years. Yes, hopheads still chase that next intensely hopped double IPA. The sour beer fans hunt for more mouth-puckering, funky creations with a keen, almost obsessive dedication. But there’s been a shift. A quiet, curious turning of the tide. Lagers are emerging as an attractive alternative to bold ales, and the interest in these beers is hitting a crescendo. The conundrum lies in the shift of consumer tastes. A sense of adventure is pushing us toward the less flashy, more refined flavors of lagers. This marks an exciting time for beer lovers. We're relearning and rediscovering the ingenious marvels these beers have to offer.

The Craft Lagers' Flavorful Adventure

The new generation of craft lagers is nothing like their mass-produced counterparts. They are incredibly flavorful, well-crafted, and as varied in taste profiles as anyone could wish for. While the absence of boisterous hops or powerfully aromatic fermentation can be puzzling to the uninitiated amongst us – myself included – the delicate complexity of lagers is a delightful surprise. Unraveling the intricate layers of flavors is an adventure in itself.

The most delightful peculiarity of craft lagers is the sheer limitlessness of what they can be. Take for instance a beautifully crafted amber lager from a small brewery nestled in the heart of California. One sip of it and I was hit with a surprisingly rich malt profile, followed by a crisp, dry finish– something I'd never tasted in a lowly lager before. It was a delightful revelation. Or, an American pilsner Amelia and I tried on a rare trip to sunny Florida had such a satisfying depth of flavor that it left us both marveling. It's safe to say that the sheer brewmanship in these craft lagers has sparked a tasteful love affair, and I'm enjoying the ride.

The Rebirth of Craft Lager Brewing

American craft brewers are wizards in their own right. If you told me a decade ago that lagers would be a popular choice amongst these master brewers, I would have laughed right in your face. But today, I'm humbled. These wizard-brewers are pushing the boundaries of what we know and perceive about lagers. The equipment and techniques have evolved. The sophisticated temperature control systems, the delicacy of yeast cultivation, and the pure creativity of these brewers are the spine of this rebirth.

In beers, they say, yeast is the soul, and in lagers, it couldn't be any truer. The lager yeast is brewed at a lower temperature than ales – a key factor in extracting the cleaner, malty, and harmoniously complex flavors. Add to that, the passion these brewers put into their craft, so apparent in each sip of these craft lagers, which results in a beer revolution unmatched in history. A story of a glorious rebirth indeed!

Looking Ahead in the American Craft Beer Landscape

As an ardent beer lover, it's an exhilarating time for me. The craft lager trend isn't just about enjoying the drink, though that’s undeniably enjoyable. It's also about exploring, learning, and appreciating the craftsmanship that goes into each bottle of this spectacular brew. Witnessing the transformation of this underdog in the beer world to a potential reigning champion in the craft beer industry has been quite astounding.

If this resurgence has shown us anything, it's that American brewing is incredibly resilient, inventive, and never content to rest on its laurels. So, are craft lagers the next big thing in American craft beer? Based on my encounters and the sheer level of excitement brewing around these sophisticated creations, I would wager they are. They're not only the beers of the moment. They're the beers of the future. A future, I'm excited to take a sip of. Bottoms up, America! Let's celebrate the lager revival!

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