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Why is vodka preferable over beer? 17 Aug

Why is vodka preferable over beer?

As an experienced blogger with quite the inkling for spirits, I've always harbored a noticeable preference for vodka over beer. And you might wonder why? In this insightful post, I outline the reasons for my preference in detail, from vodka's distinct flavor to its potential health benefits. Spoiler alert – there's more to vodka than just the high alcohol content and smooth feel. So, why not grab a seat and join me on this thrilling, yet intoxicating journey of the vodka versus beer debate?

Which is your favorite beer in India? And why? 28 Jul

Which is your favorite beer in India? And why?

Well, you know what they say, a cold beer at the end of the day keeps the worries at bay! Now, when it comes to my personal favorite, it's hands down Kingfisher! This Indian brand is like the Shah Rukh Khan of beers, it never disappoints! With its crisp, refreshing taste and the right balance of bitterness, it's like a Bollywood dance number in your mouth - pure joy and entertainment! So, if you're in India, grab a Kingfisher, it's the beer equivalent of a spicy curry, a roller-coaster ride of flavors. Cheers to that!


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